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Prevention and education are the cornerstones of oral wellness, according to our Pune dentists at the Prudental Clinic. Both the aesthetics of your smile and the comfort of your treatment are of the utmost importance to us. We place an emphasis on comprehensive exams, which include looking at your gums and teeth as a whole and, if needed, taking x-rays. At Prudental Clinic, we educate our patients on the need for preventative dental care, including regular cleanings, flossing, sealants, and fluoride.

While we work to improve our patients' smiles, we want you to feel as at ease as possible throughout your visits at Prudental Dental Clinic in Kothrud, Pune.

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Dr. Mrunal Godse

Know your Doctor
Dr. Mrunal Godse-Urdhwareshe.

She completed her bachelor's degree from the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and completed her master's degree in Conservative and restorative dentistry from Manipal University in 2014. She was a gold medalist.

She is a root canal specialist and an esthetic dentist. She's also attached to several hospitals and clinics in Pune as a consultant namely:

  • - Columbia Asia Hospital (Kharadi)
  • - Manipal hospital (Baner)
  • - Pune Adventist hospital
  • - Jehangir hospital.

A successful practice in her view is knowing what you are best at and being able to demonstrate it daily. Her greatest strength is her ability to connect with people. So a combination of knowledge of dental science and empathy towards the patient is what paves the path of her successful practice!

Our Team

Our team consist of best dental experts, dental hygienists and dental assistants to give you the best dental care every single time you visit our cleaning.

Our staff is always ready to help you with everything related to your dental health whether it is a dental emergency, something as simple as tooth extraction, removal of caries, tooth filling or complex procedures like dental implants, or smile designing. Visit us and let us give you the best dental care at our friendly dental clinic in Kothrud, Pune.

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