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Teeth Whitening in Kothrud, Pune

Teeth can become discolored when either the enamel, which shows the tooth's natural color, or the dentin, the tooth's inner surface, stains or yellows. Tooth discoloration can be due to a variety of factors. Although many of the causes are preventable, there are a few that are beyond our control. Reasons for discoloration include:

Making regular use of caffeinated beverages, alcoholic beverages, sugary drinks, and tea.

Cigarette smoking and chewing.

Excessive fluoride consumption in children.

Trauma to the growing permanent teeth.

Thinning of enamel due to aging, reveals the dentin underneath, which can lead to discoloration of the teeth. Teeth can become stained as they age due to dentin coming into contact with certain foods and drinks.

Additional factors that can cause tooth discoloration include several medical reasons.

Teeth whitening removes stains and lightens the color of the teeth. Contact Prudental Clinic for Teeth whitening in Kothrud, Pune.

How is teeth whitening done?

Before beginning treatment, your dentist will take pictures of your teeth so they can monitor your progress. You can use this to check your teeth and identify any stains as well.

The dentist will clean the tooth as a first step after an examination. If the film on your enamel coating has formed as a result of certain foods or other things, he can remove it. Following this, the whitening procedure can start. Depending on the intensity of the stains, the whole procedure can take anywhere from thirty to ninety minutes.

After protecting the gums, your dentist will apply the whitening agent to your teeth. If your teeth are very discolored, your dentist may recommend using a laser light to apply a whitening chemical at home for a few days.

While there are no known side effects from teeth whitening, some patients report temporary discomfort or moderate gum irritation. Pregnant women should not get teeth whitening done because it is considered a cosmetic operation. It can only be completed after the delivery.

Cost of Tooth Whitening

Teeth whitening prices could range widely based on factors like product quality and application method. The state of your teeth is another factor to consider. After a thorough examination of your teeth and smile, the dentists at Prudental Clinic may provide you with an estimate for teeth whitening in Kothrud, Pune.


  • The teeth's surface can get stained due to coffee, tea, smoking, or wine. Even with regular dental cleanings, tartar and plaque can sometimes leave stains on the dentin, the layer directly below the enamel. Prudental Clinic provides Teeth Whitening in Kothrud which works by releasing oxygen from the surrounding air and carbon from dentin, which then react with the staining molecules already attached to the teeth.

  • Our whitening options include hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide with potassium nitrate fluoride, and a combination of the two.

  • Whitening effects are conditional on the kind of stains and the individual. Teeth whitening is more effective on stains that are yellowish-brown in color rather than gray.

  • Most of our in-office whitening procedures take just an hour.

  • Plaque and tartar-free teeth are the best candidates for teeth whitening. You can get the most out of your teeth whitening in Kothrud at Prudental if you keep up with your regular dental cleanings, which are good for your health in general. You can combine your next dental cleaning with your teeth whitening appointment if you're due for one. Prior to the teeth whitening, make sure the cleaning is finished.

  • Tooth and gum sensitivity is a real possibility after teeth whitening. It may be necessary to reduce the bleaching power and duration for certain patients in order to prevent sensitivity, while others may not feel any sensitivity at all. Always have a qualified dentist do the operation, and ask them about measures to lessen the likelihood of sensitivity.

  • Whitening your teeth with the help of a dentist drastically lowers the likelihood that you will harm your tooth enamel, gums, or any other part of your teeth. When you see a dentist for teeth whitening, you can rest assured that the products are of high quality and applied by qualified professionals. There will be less likelihood of root damage or tooth sensitivity as a result of this as well.