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Root Canal Treatment in Kothrud, Pune

The best way to maintain your teeth's natural mechanisms and get immediate pain relief is with root canal therapy (RCT). Your tooth can be saved from illness and decay with a root canal procedure. A root canal can save your tooth from extraction by preserving it.

If you're anxious about having a root canal, you may rest assured that the process is painless and requires no further preparation.

When you need a root canal treatment in Kothrud, Pune. look no further than Prudental Clinic, where root canal specialist Dr. Mrunal Godse provides cutting-edge, pain-free therapy.

What is Root canal treatment?

Dr. Mrunal Godse, an endodontist in Pune, will perform an endodontic procedure called a root canal to remove inflamed or infected pulp from your tooth.

Inside each tooth, in a soft tissue called the dental pulp, you'll find a network of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. The pulp is responsible for supplying the tooth with blood and nerves. Most people will experience excruciating pain the moment the pulp becomes inflamed or infected due to a disease, decay, or tooth trauma.

After cleaning out the entire tooth root and removing any inflammatory or dead pulp, we fill the space with an artificial substance to prevent further pain.

When is a root canal treatment (RCT) necessary?

"Do I need a root canal?" is the first thought that comes to mind when you're dealing with tooth pain or excessive sensitivity.

Unfortunately, a root canal is necessary for the effective treatment of infected pulp since the tooth will not recover on its own.

If you're anxious about having a root canal, you may rest assured that the process is painless and requires no further preparation. .

Some warning problems that you might get rid of with a root canal treatment are:

Discomfort while eating certain foods.

Very delicate to foods and beverages of any temperature.

toothache that develops suddenly.

loss of tooth stability.

Discoloration or darkening of the teeth.

An inflammation of the gums.

Root canal treatment has many benefits, including:

Improved chewing ability,

Normal biting power and sensation,

A more natural appearance, and

Protection of neighboring teeth from damage.

With regular dental hygiene, a repaired tooth has the potential to endure a lifetime. Root canals are quite effective.

Some things you can do to keep your teeth healthy following a root canal are:

Keep your teeth and gums healthy by brushing twice a day and flossing once. Keeping your teeth clean and healthy might stave off any issues down the road.

Don't chew on ice or other hard foods; doing so might damage root canals and break teeth.Regular dental checkups with the dentist and hygienist are essential.

Cost of Root Canal Treatment

The price of a root canal depends on a number of variables, including:-

The cost of the consultation.


Medications to avoid infection

It costs more to root canal back teeth than front teeth since there are more roots in the back.

The amount of decay/damage also plays a role.

Therapy modalities (Laser, Endomotor, and Microscope).


  • When the pulp the soft, inner part of the tooth is damaged, inflamed, or infected, a root canal procedure is necessary. At Prudental Clinic we provide Root Canal Treatment in Kothrud to eliminate infection and pain.

    The pulp that is inflamed or infected is extracted, and the pulp chamber is meticulously cleaned and disinfected before being filled and sealed. To alleviate your pain and preserve your natural tooth, this technique is fast, painless, and comfortable.

  • No. No pain whatsoever is felt during a root canal treatment. Patients are able to relax and enjoy the process because it is performed under anesthetic. You may use the medication your dentist gave you to ease any pain you feel in your tooth after treatment.

  • Root canal therapy can save the majority of teeth. Endodontic treatment can save some teeth, but it can't save a tooth with a badly broken root, insufficient tooth structure, or inaccessible canals and this is where tooth extraction becomes the treatment of choice.

  • It all depends on the situation. When it comes to chewing, molars and premolars are more important and often require crowns. Crowns aren't necessary for incisors or canines in every case, but they're a fantastic idea following root canal therapy.

  • Unless the tooth gets a root canal or is extracted, an infected tooth will continue to rot. An abscess might develop and the infection can spread if the infection is not treated. It is clear when the infection has progressed to the jawbone and other tissues when an abscess is seen. If you put off getting a tooth that is infected treated, you may end up losing the tooth and having to treat the two adjacent teeth as well. Facial tissues, oral mucosa, and even brain tissue are all potential destinations for an infection.

  • Although it varies from case to case, thanks to developments in endodontic science and technology, root canal procedures may typically be finished in a single or double appointment.

  • Prudental Clinic is one of the best dental clinics where we provide painless, safe and affordable Root Canal Treatment in Kothrud.