Painless Tooth Extractions

Painless Tooth Extractions
Painless Tooth Extractions
Painless Tooth Extractions
Painless Tooth Extractions
Painless Tooth Extractions in Kothrud

Painless Tooth Extractions in Kothrud, Pune

At Prudental Clinic, we provide painless tooth extraction in Kothrud, Pune if you're seeking relief from tooth discomfort.

Tooth Extraction Can Get You Rid Of Pain

A tooth extraction may be required when the damage to the tooth is too great to be treated with a filling, crown, or root canal. You can rely on our staff to give you an accurate diagnosis, professional advice, and responses to any questions you may have.

The most important thing is that we are aware that getting a tooth pulled might be a scary prospect for some people. We provide sedation choices to make sure you're comfortable and are here for you throughout the entire process.

We will never recommend extractions as the first option.

If you want to preserve your natural tooth for as long as possible, there are fantastic restorative solutions available. A tooth extraction, though, could be in your best interest if it is:

Very diseased or deteriorated

Broken or worn

Agonizingly painful

Bite down on adjacent teeth

Our state-of-the-art digital imaging equipment allows us to see your tooth's anatomy in great detail. This will allow us to make a well-informed determination regarding the appropriateness of tooth extraction for you.

How do tooth extraction sockets stay preserved?

After a tooth extraction, the "socket" that held the tooth will be empty. The tooth's supporting bone begins to resorb and becomes thin and shallow if the socket is not stimulated. When considering alternatives for filling the space, such as a bridge, dental implant, or partial denture, this can be problematic. In order to improve the results of a denture, bridge, or implant in the future, it is important to preserve the bone's depth and height after a tooth extraction by avoiding bone shrinkage.

Benefits of Preserving Your Socket while extracting Your Teeth

It stops the bone from contracting, which keeps the face bone structure horizontal.

Because less gum and bone loss occurs, relining or replacement dentures are less likely to be necessary.

Less space opens up beneath the pontic, which is the tooth-replacing component of a bridge

There will be less need for bone grafting in the future and a better prognosis when inserting dental implants due to increased bone depth and height.

Having a bone graft done right away instead of waiting for the socket to mend and shrink saves six months of recovery time

How Is a Tooth Extraction Done?

It is standard practice to numb the mouth with a local anesthetic before extracting a tooth. What this means is that you won't be put to sleep during the surgery, but you will remain awake.

The reason for the extraction and the tooth's location in your mouth determine how long the tooth extraction operation takes. It can take as little as five minutes or as much as thirty.

Before the treatment begins, we will provide you with our advice on this matter.

First, we'll make sure your tooth socket is large enough to accommodate the tooth's extraction, and then we'll gently rock the tooth to make it more movable.

Duration for Teeth Extraction Recovery

To stop the bleeding after a tooth is extracted, a gauze pad is inserted into the socket. Our experts will provide the medications and any other instructions that are pertinent to each situation.

If you follow the aftercare instructions, the area should recover entirely in a week or two. For several extractions or wisdom teeth, this could take more time.

It is possible to extract one or more teeth in a single appointment. Depending on the situation, doing more than one may or may not be a good idea. In order to keep their lives as painless as possible, most people in Kothrud, Pune who need their wisdom teeth extracted want to have the procedure done in a single appointment.

We will have a conversation about this, and you can tell us which option best suits your needs. If you've had a tooth or teeth pulled, we can help you get new ones.

A dental clinic can improve your dental health.

Finally, Prudental Clinic is a shining example of reasonably priced dental care in Kothrud, Pune; we make sure that everyone can afford good oral health by explaining in detail how to get your teeth extracted and how much it will cost.

Here at Prudental Clinic in Kothrud, Pune, we know that every patient is special in their own way. At each individual appointment, our experienced dentists will evaluate your condition, go over your treatment options, and explain all of the fees involved.

Get the kind of outstanding dental treatment that makes us stand out by scheduling a consultation with us today.


  • In order to make the operation painless, your dentist will administer local anesthesia. Following the treatment, they will also prescribe pain medication. Prudental Clinic is famous for painless tooth extraction in Kothrud.

  • Following a tooth extraction In order to speed up the healing process and prevent excessive bleeding, abstain from alcohol for at least three days. Consume lukewarm liquids and meals as usual, but refrain from chewing on that region of your mouth. Also, don’t smoke until the extraction site has healed properly.

  • For the first day, resist the urge to wash the affected area. You should avoid eating on that side or allowing your tongue to disturb the blood clot so that the socket can heal. Infection can enter the socket and hinder the healing process if this happens.

  • It is common practice for the dental team to take x-rays to determine the root's location and the availability of space for the tooth to erupt into a healthy socket.

  • ● The consequences of leaving impacted teeth in place are unclear.

    ● In addition to harming good teeth, impaction can cause infections and abscesses around the tooth roots.

    ● The likelihood of tooth decay increases since they are difficult to clean.

    ● They force the neighboring teeth into submission.

    ● A cyst surrounding the tooth's roots can cause harm to both soft tissue and bone if the tooth is left buried in the gums.

  • You can get a safe and painless tooth extraction in Kothrud at the Prudental Clinic.