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Aligners and Braces in Kothrud

Aligners and Braces in Kothrud,Pune

Over the past few decades, orthodontic procedures have come a long way, and they can now do wonders for people's confidence and self-esteem. Adults and children alike can benefit from the aesthetic benefits of quality orthodontic treatments. When performed with the utmost care and precision utilizing modern dental technology, orthodontic therapy can be beneficial for patients of any age.

Prudental Clinic provides exceptional orthodontic treatment in Kothrud, Pune, Dr. Mrunal Godse is among the top dentists in Kothrud, Pune. With an emphasis on minimizing the likelihood of future dental issues, Dr. Mrunal tailors therapy to each patient's specific requirements.

At Prudental Clinic, patients can discover the appropriate therapy from a wide range of options, including the more conventional, fixed, and functional braces, as well as the more modern invisible braces (Aligners) and lingual braces.

Aligners and Braces Treatment Corrects Following Dental Problems

Gap Between Teeth

A dental abnormality known as tooth spacing occurs when there are noticeable spaces between the front teeth. Thumb sucking or tongue thrusting is the most common cause of this condition in youngsters.


The dental issue known as crowding occurs when the jaws are too small for the teeth, or when there isn't enough room between the teeth and the jaws. Displacing or twisting the teeth is a possibility.

Crossbite (Front)

When the upper and lower dental arches do not meet in a correctly aligned fashion, a condition known as crossbite occurs.

Crossbite (Back)

This type of malocclusion occurs when the lower dental arch is not properly formed because the back rows of teeth are misplaced.


A dental condition known as overjet occurs when the upper teeth protrude beyond their natural alignment and become in direct contact with the lower jaw teeth, causing the alignment of the dental arch to be disrupted. Because of this, people often feel too self-conscious to grin in public.

Unerupted Teeth

When the erupting teeth do not line up properly with the rest of the teeth in the mouth, a dental problem known as an aberrant eruption occurs.

Types of Orthodontic Treatment

Metal Braces

Conventional, see-through braces constructed of stainless steel are known as metal braces. Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment typically wear them. The braces of today, though, are smaller and more streamlined. Compared to alternative treatment choices, they are typically quicker and cheaper, hence, they see a lot of use.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are functionally identical to metal braces, but their transparent, see-through construction makes them much less obvious. They won't leave a visible stain on your teeth and they are incredibly comfortable to wear.

Lingual Braces

One alternative for undetectable treatment that is currently available is lingual braces. These braces resemble the more conventional kind, but they are really placed on the tooth's backside. Their lingual designation is a result of their inverted posture.

Invisible Aligners

When it comes to straightening teeth, clear aligners are a great alternative to metal braces. To get your teeth in the right place, you'll need a set of 18–30 individualized mouth guards that look like clear plastic aligners. They are swapped out every two weeks and are detachable.

Corrective Braces

Dental braces are used to promote oral health and achieve unmatched aesthetics by aligning and straightening the teeth and their positions. Dental braces are a highly effective treatment option for crowding, gaps, and crossbites.

Prudental Clinic: The Best Option for Orthodontic Treatment

Here at Prudental Clinic, we aim for nothing less than excellence. Both you and the state of your teeth are deeply important to us. Doctors on our team have extensive training and experience in all things dental, and they are hell-bent on improving your oral health and, more importantly, giving you the smile of your dreams. At Prudental Clinic, we are pleased to help if you are considering getting braces because:

Procedural Speed: Without sacrificing quality, the time it takes to receive braces at Prudental Clinic will be at least 25% shorter than the average. When we help you with your orthodontic needs, we use cutting-edge technology and methods here at Prudental Clinic.

Stunning Good Looks - In order to achieve an unrivaled aesthetic look, Prudental Clinic offers a variety of braces to meet your needs. We have ceramic braces as well as invisible braces, which are obviously more aesthetically pleasing than metal ones. When compared to unsightly metal braces, our ceramic and invisible options will give you a more confident grin and a more intelligent appearance.

Cost of Orthodontic Treatment in Kothrud, Pune

Many factors, such as the material utilized to create them and the aesthetic they would likely add to your appearance, determine how much braces will cost. Some of the considerations may also include the center's repute and the doctors' level of skill.

How Long Orthodontic Treatment Takes to Complete?

The severity of your malocclusion will determine the length of treatment. Braces are often advised to be worn for a period of 10 to 18 months.

The duration of treatment with Clear Aligners ranges from twelve to twenty-four months, contingent upon the seriousness of the alignment issue. For mild cases, there may be 12 phases in the therapy process, and for serious situations, there may be 32

How much money you'll need to pay for braces depends on the kind, length, and severity of any necessary restorative work before or after treatment. The price of invisible braces is slightly higher than that of conventional braces.

Removal of Appliance

Under the guidance of the skilled dental staff, the removal of the orthodontic appliances typically takes around one hour. After the braces are taken off, the patient is given additional instructions for the retention appliance and is fitted with them during this appointment.

Methods for Retention

Following one month of effective retained delivery, schedule an appointment at the clinic for a thorough examination. It is necessary to check in with the client every two to four months to make sure the retainer is still active. In order to make sure the retainer is working properly, it needs to be checked, adjusted, and fixed occasionally.

Prudental Clinic does all orthodontic procedures. Patients can fix their smiles at Prudental Clinic, where all orthodontic procedures are offered at inexpensive prices. When it comes to orthodontic treatment in Kothrud, Pune, Prudental Clinic has the best doctors and guarantees continuous care till treatment is completed. The Prudental clinic uses only the highest quality brackets, archwires, and procedures. Our commitment to providing patients with the highest quality orthodontic treatment possible sets us apart as the leading dental clinic in Kothrud, Pune.